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What is LoopFitTM?

LoopFitTM is your one stop solution for indoor fitness training. It brings to your indoors a perfect blend of immersive VR, IoT and analytics in a multi-player gaming environment, making your workouts more exciting and enjoyable. LoopFitTM is designed to stand as a forerunner of all future wearables by taking your workout to the next level.

While you’re at the game, it also tracks your heart rate, calories burnt, pedaling speed, power and keeps a tab on your health and fitness. Its’ hardware and virtual environment provides you the best of both – digital and real worlds. It is adept for the fitness fanatic in you, giving a never before experience of cycling in different terrains – all in your living room!

The faster you cycle in the real world, the faster you propel in the virtual world. You could lean your body to the left or right to steer and navigate without any motion sickness. Sign up to dive into the virtual world of fitness!

Product Features

Immersive Training

Best-in-class immersive VR experience with stunning and exotic environments.


Fully responsive and photo realistic simulation.


Predictive and Prescriptive analytics which help you go from unfit to fit!

MultiPlayer Options

Solo, Multiplayer and Arcade modes to spice up your fitness routine.

IoT Integration

Integrated kit which processes and analyses your vital data before, during and after the workout.


Compatible with all leading head mounted devices and fitness equipment.

LoopFitTM Updates And Offers

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About Loop Reality

LoopFitTM is a product of Loop Reality

At Loop Reality, we place human experience at the center of our design, building the best immersive and interactive Virtual Reality solutions. Our products are designed to be engaging and future-oriented, with applications in various sectors. We strive to add value to existing products by integrating leading technologies in order to meet future challenges and opportunities in these markets .

We bring pioneers from various sectors, such as:

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Engineering Design
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Defense

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